Monday, September 14, 2009

Voices of the Faithful, Book 2

I recently read the book Voices of the Faithful book 2. The cover is the first thing that grabbed my attention. The old weathered page look gives you an idea that you are about to look into the lives of very important people and take very important journies. Voices... is a compilation of daily devotions written by missionaries throughout the world. The book starts with January 1 and continues each day of the year. Each day contains a daily verse which is followed by a short story or anecdote that gives just a little insight to the lives of these precious individuals who take the Gospel to the nations. The devotion then ends with a prayer directive for the day.

Voices of the Faithful Book2 is easy to read and understand. I am using it as a Bedtime Bible Reading with my 8 yr old daughter. The verses and stories are not complicated and keep her interested. I like that each month focuses on a theme. This has helped when using this with my daughter. It has given us building blocks. I would recommend this book for family Bible study times. This will help educate our children on the trials and triumphs people go through as they teach others about Jesus.

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