Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Finding Your Purpose Beyond Your Pain

Pain is no stranger to any person.  Everyone faces situations that seem to have ramifications that follow throughout the course of our lives.  This is why I chose to read and review Finding Purpose Beyond Our Pain by Drs. Paul Meier and David L. Henderson for Thomas Nelson Publishing.  This was a wonderful book.  These authors dive into every pain imaginable: Injustice, Rejection, Loneliness, Loss, Discipline, Failure, and Death.  What I liked best about this book is that each subject did not just get one chapter devoted to it, but several.  Meier and Henderson go into great depth with each painful experience.  They use real life situations teach real life lessons using Scripture as a foundation for healing.  Each chapter is very easy to read and understand without a lot of big words and jargon that only psychologists would understand.  At the end of each chapter, the authors give discussion questions so that you could use it as a daily devotion or Bible study group setting.  I took time to read this book.  I did not just speed through.  It was worth the slow reading as it gave me a chance to think about each situation and apply the principles to my own life.  I would suggest this book to any one.

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